The Bach, Hoxton

For classic brunch grub, The Bach in Hoxton is an excellent choice. I visited the East London cafe last weekend for some Sunday indulgence and was really impressed with their extensive brunch menu. 

I originally came across The Bach when I was searching for cafes and restaurants to visit that cater well to those with intolerances, and The Bach does just that. Their menu is driven by their own personal experience of food intolerances and have a huge variety of dishes that are suitable to those with gluten, dairy and wheat tolerances, as well as Paleo, vegan and vegetarian diets.

When I visited I opted for a green tea, along with a delicious plate of poached eggs, chorizo, avocado, cherry cone tomatoes and gluten free bread (known as ‘Freddie’s Special). My friends then opted for a plate of the freshly baked banana bread, and an epic Veggie Bach Pach.

The photos really don’t do the food justice – it’s uberly deluxklus! Also, I loved the cafe itself. It’s got a really great vibe, the service was really speedy and the cafe itself is bright and airy. Definitely pop this on your London brunch list!


Erskine Rose

How gorgeous is this marbled notebook? I’ve packed it away for an upcoming holiday to Bali as, from previous travels, it’s always uberly helpful to have a pad of paper and pen with you when you’re on the move. But let’s be honest, you also want it to look good, and Erskine Rose ticks that box…

Erskine Rose is a UK gift company selling beautifully designed luxury products from notebooks to tea towels, scented candles to wrapping paper. Grace, who heads up the design, has created some really pretty products that are very unique from anything elsewhere.

So if you’re looking to fill your ‘present drawer’ (is it just me that has one?!), then hop online and have a browse. You certainly won’t be disappointed.

Fit Kitchen

I thought I’d quickly tell you all about a new grab-and-go lunch that’s recently hit supermarket shelves: Fit Kitchen. I tried out a few of their boxes and have been really impresssed. 

Unlike lots of ready made lunches that you can quickly pick up from the supermarket, Fit Kitchen provide low calorie / high protein dishes, which is a real plus – especially with summer just around the corner! In fact, all of the boxes have under 300 calories each. 

I tried both the Middle Eastern Chicken, and the Pad Thai Chicken, and was particularly impressed with the latter. Of course it’s very different to the pad Thai you’d pick up in your local takeaway(!), but it’s a great substitute and the flavour is still very much there.

The meals are heated up in the microwave, as the majority of the dish is leafy veg such as cabbage. There’s also a tasty sauce to pour over the top to give the dish a kick.

I picked my boxes up in Sainsbury’s, but they’re also available in Waitrose. Definitely give them a go sometime – I’d love to hear what you think!


It’s Saturday, it’s the weekend, which obviously means it’s time for brunch! Last weekend I visited Ceru in South Kensington, a fabulous restaurant serving up delicious Levantine dishes. They’re open for lunch and dinner throughout the week but, being the brunch obsessive that I am, decided to try out its breakfast menu. 

The restaurant is fairly new and is tucked away down Bute Street in South Ken, but is not to be missed. Serving up dishes traditionally found in the Levant (Western Asia, Eastern Mediterranean, Northeast Africa and Northwest Arabia), spices play a big factor here. In fact, the menu features nearly 100 ingredients with over 20 spices and 6 varieties of nuts! Expect some serious flavours here… 

With my sweet tooth, I went for the almond milk porridge with a topping of dried cranberries, pistachios and a drizzle of honey. It was absolutely delicious – and definitely made a nice change from my speedy microwaveable oats!

My sister decided to go more savour and opted for the fried egg, merguez and halloumi, with a side of freshly baked feta bread. It’s worth pointing out here that absolutely everything on the restaurant’s menus is gluten free – except for the breads – so there’s plenty to choose from here, even if you have an intolerance or allergy. 

In terms of drinks, my sister tried two of the freshly whizzed up lemonades (the watermelon lemonade was a delight!), whilst I cheekily ordered a Bloody Mary. Hey, it’s the weekend after all! But for future reference – the Bloody Mary’s here are excellent!

So, if you’re looking for something a little different from your go-to brunch dishes, then Ceru is a great choice. The restaurant itself is warm and filled with bright colours, and the menu offers an array of amazing dishes – many of which you may not have tried before! I absolutely give Ceru the double thumbs up.

FIXED, Northcote Road

I don’t know about you, but in my opinion, Thursdays are made for delicious dinners with friends. So the other week, myself and two friends popped along to FIXED restaurant on Clapham’s Northcote Road. 

As the name suggests, FIXED is a restaurant where all of the prices in the menu are ‘fixed’ or, as the French say, prix fixe. The menu itself is also extremely condensed with, compared to other high street restaurants, a much smaller menu. This allows the restaurant to avoid unnecessary waste and to source the very best in terms of produce – and this is so important in my eyes!

However, even though the menu is much smaller than other restaurants, you’re still very much spoilt for choice. I opted for the flat iron steak with garlic and tarragon butter and puy lentils – SO delicious and beautifully cooked. One of my friends then chose the North African slow cooked lamb, rose harissa, flatbread and pickled turnip. Between us all, we also devoured a pot of triple cooked chips and green beans with shallots and mustard.

Soon enough our plates were completely empty – we pretty much ate every last bit! All of the dishes were delicious and really nicely seasoned. The chips are an absolute must, FYI. 

In terms of drinks, we each had an elderflower cocktail, which we spotted on their blackboard (which is updated weekly). They were pretty strong but that’s certainly how we like our drinks! Nothing beats a refreshing elderflower bevvy… 

Finally, to round off our meal, we shared a vertical whipped mango cheesecake – which was the dream. So light and airy!

The restaurant itself is great and clearly seemed very popular! It’s spacious, has a great atmosphere and all of the staff are so attentive and knowledgable on the menu. Thanks so much for having us – we’ll definitely be back again.

Lazy Hunter, Kentish Town

Brunch for me is made up of Bloody Mary’s, lots of coffee and big portions of avocado on toast. And Lazy Hunter in Kentish Town ticked every one of those boxes. 

This new North London restaurant has successfully applied lazy brunching to the hustle and bustle of Kentish Town. As soon as my friend and I stepped through the door, there was a wonderful, laid-back atmosphere. We swiftly made our way to the back of the restaurant by a large window facing the lovely outdoor dining area. 

We were asked whether we wanted the main dining menu or the brunch menu, and obviously we opted for the latter. Both my friend and I ordered the ‘Almost Green Breakfast’ which was a big plate of sourdough (or in my case, GF) bread, with avocado, sundried tomatoes, goat’s cheese, pine nuts and rocket. And it was absolutely delicious!

However, if you were wanting something less veg-orientated, there are some incredible dishes on the menu, including huge portions of brioche French toast, Full Hunter’s Breakfast and an Early Burger (for those really wanting to kickstart their weekend!).

As you might well expect, I opted for a Bloody Mary, as well as a refreshing cup of mint tea; both of which come in lovely thick glass mugs. The Bloody Mary very much hit the spot!

If you’re up in this neck of the woods, definitely pop by Lazy Hunter. It’s a wonderful escape from the hoards of tourists in Camden – and the food here will leave you rolling out the door!

Hot Pot, Wardour Street

Okay, so I’ve got news for you all. Hot Pot on Wardour Street is where it’s at. This cool Chinese restaurant, found in London’s Soho, is such a great choice for those who are looking for something a little different…

I’ve spoken to quite a few people since visiting Hot Pot, and have been surprised that so few have actually tried this unique dining experience. And, if you’re one of them, then make sure to change that asap!

I visited the brand new restaurant on Wednesday evening with a friend and was really impressed with the delicious food, as well as the philosophy behind it. Hot Pot is about bringing people together to enjoy the food and experience.

We started off sat around a large table and chose two warming broths for our pot – my favourite being the Tom Yum. This is then kept simmering on your table with the portable heater. You then choose from the extensive list of ingredients to cook in your pot. Think rib-eye, sliced pork, salmon, squid, fresh vegetables, mixed mushrooms, fried tofu, glass vermicelli noodles…… the list really is endless. There is also an amazing selection of ultimated condiments and sauces – I could have eaten bowls of the sesame sauce! 

The experience itself is great fun. I never thought that I’d enjoy cooking my own food in a restaurant so much! Plus one big plus for you all is that the restaurant caters extremely well to those with intolerances and allergies. I found it so easy to eat here gluten-free.

All in all, this is definitely a restaurant to add to your list. Grab your friends and family, book a big table and make sure to bring an even bigger appetite! 


Earlier this week, I received such a delightful box of treats, from my newly-appointed favourite chocolatier! Mydorable is a charming London-based chocolate shop selling exquisite French confectionery. And when I say exquisite, I mean it!

The first thing I was impressed by was the beautiful packaging. Inside my Mydorable box was an elegantly wrapped red chocolate box, laced up with a big bow; a large nautical tin of pebble chocolates; and a series of smaller chocolate containers.

As well as the packaging, the chocolates and sweets themselves have been beautifully created. From the speckled ‘sparrow eggs’ to the green and black olives (roasted whole almonds covered in 70% dark chocolate), all of them have clearly had a lot of thought put into them.

One of my favourites however, was the box of 12 assorted chocolates – a mixture of praline milk and dark. I enjoyed these along with my family down in Cornwall and it’s safe to say, I’ve never seen chocolates disappear so quickly! 

If you have a friends’ birthday coming up, if you’re heading to a dinner party, or simply want to treat yourself, make sure to give Mydorable a visit. With such a wonderful selection of beautifully designed chocolates, you will definitely find something that ticks the (chocolate) box!

MOA: Magic Organic Apothecaryย 

I don’t know about you, but I find it really difficult to find natural skincare products that are actually made in England. Until now – step forward MOA. 

This wonderful organic skincare brand sells a selection of luxurious goods made from the herb yarrow (Achillea Millefolium). I’m sure any rambler of the Nritish countryside has seen this herb beside hedgerows, but I’ve certainly never seen it crop up on the ingredients list for skincare products before!

I’ve been trying out three of their products. The first is their original ‘miracle’ product – The Green Balm. This little pot of goodness is designed to give your skin a balancing deep cleanse, remove excess oils and impurities. I’ve totally fallen in love with it and is really gentle on my sensitive skin.

I’ve also tried out their Green Bath Potion, which smells incredible, and the Facial Oil which blends the herb yarrow and the rose, another British favourite. 

Definitely try these out for yourselves – I’m magically sold!

Burgers & Fish, Padstow

Two days ago, upon arrival into Cornwall for an Easter getaway, I caught the ferry for a day trip into Padstow. Normally I’d opt for a quick pasty for lunch, or a mega Mr Whippy, however, on Friday I was in for much more of a treat.

My friend and I met up at a wonderful restaurant called Burgers & Fish. Hidden away just off the main harbour, this 60-seater gourmet restaurant serves just what you expect – delicious burgers and colourful fish dishes. Open for lunch and dinner, Burgers & Fish is a great option for those who are wanting a slightly larger choice of dishes, rather than your go-to paper wrap of fish and chips. 

Whilst my friend went for the vegetarian mixed bean burger (which looked incredible by the way!), I opted for the pan fried hake with black rice, cherry tomatoes, spring onions and a fennel sauce. This all came with a side of posh fries (grated Parmesan on top) and their homemade tomato sauce. We completely polished off the lot!

Another big plus – Burgers & Fish also offer delicious gluten-free buns, so everyone can enjoy one of their locally handcrafted beef burgers. Winner winner, Cornish dinner.