House of Holi

Having showered twice, I’ve just about managed to get rid of the last remnants of chalky paint from last night’s Holi celebrations at the Cinnamon Kitchen in Devonshire Square.


If you didn’t hear, over the past week the Cinnamon Kitchen hosted a pop-up event dubbed ‘House of Holi’ which, as the name suggests, celebrated the Holi Hindu Festival, marking the arrival of spring. So long winter!


I went along with two girlfriends and it was hilarious fun. We donned our fashionable protective suits – you’ve got to love a paper boiler suit – stepped into the pop-up and pelted each other with the coloured, chalky paints. There was lots of fun Indian music being played which brought a lot of life to the event, and plenty of chalk colours to choose from. This was certainly one way of bringing a burst of colour to a Saturday night in London!


Once we removed our boiler suits and dusted off as much paint as we could, we finished off the event with a House of Holi themed cocktail each at the Anise bar, as well as a selection of canapés. I had flagged that I couldn’t eat wheat and they very kindly catered to this accordingly, serving me crusted aubergine and a mini herbed lamb patty. My only critique is that the outdoor table service at the Anise bar was quite slow, but the staff were very friendly and both the food and drink were delicious, and rounded the evening off perfectly!


Unfortunately last night was the final House of Holi event for the season, but I’ll definitely be keeping my eyes peeled for future events. Maybe I’ll try to gear myself up for a 5k colour run in the summer? Watch this space.


N.B. You should have seen the looks I got travelling back home on the tube with my face coloured pink and green…




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