SASS Intimate

Whilst I was away, I was sent the most amazing box of beauty products – beauty products designed specifically for women. Some people admittedly may find the content of this post a little embarrassing, but female hygiene is nothing to be ashamed about, and this is what SASS aims to address.


I was sent a wonderful box of the following products: Perfect Skin Concentrate, a post-shaving balm to help prevent ingrown hairs; Purifying Cleanser, toΒ help maintain intimate harmony;Β Soothe and Smooth Shave Gel, which helps soothe when shaving in more intimate areas; and Refreshing Wipes. All of the products are dermatologically tested, are gynaecologist approved and are never tested on animals. They help to soothe everything down below and prevent unwanted smells. Basically, SASS is here to keep you fresh through the day, helping you feel your best.


They’re all really great products and the packaging is also really pretty (I know that’s definitely a selling point for some people!) I particularly like the Perfect Skin Concentrate; it helps to prevent those pesky ingrown hairs and shave bumps which, let’s be honest, are a real pain. It also leaves your skin super smooth – winner!



For anyone looking for more ‘intimate’ products, these are top notch. Ladies, I’d highly recommend working these into your daily beauty routine.




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