ETHOS- Deliciously Different

So I’ve just returned from the most delicious breakfast…


I paid a visit to ETHOS, a healthy meat-free restaurant based just off Oxford Street. As well as serving breakfast, ETHOS is also a self-service restaurant throughout the day where you can pick and choose what you want for lunch from a buffet-style layout where you then pay by weight.

Moreover, ETHOS isn’t just a meat-free restaurant. The breakfast, lunch and dinner menus cater for a whole variety of dietary requirements, including vegan, dairy-free, refined sugar-free and, best of all, gluten- free.


So, back to breakfast. My university friend and I turned up at 8am sharp this morning and were very warmly greeted by members of staff who were extremely attentive throughout our meal. Wonderful service. The restaurant itself is beautiful – it’s filled with birch trees (my favourite), is particularly light and airy, and features lots of very attractive marble-topped tables.


The most challenging part of my morning was definitely deciding what to order from the menu. There was a lot of choice including scrambled eggs with crumbled feta, coriander and pumpkin seeds; kale and sweet potato breakfast hash; and big bowls of creamy gluten-free porridge. However, I decided to stick with a classic and went for poached eggs and avocado on toast, and I had absolutely no regrets. It was delicious and the eggs were cooked perfectly – nice and runny! I also had a matcha latte with almond milk to give my morning a kick, and that equally hit the spot.


But, I also have to preach about my friend’s breakfast choice this morning – raspberry, maple and almond pancakes, which was both gluten- and refined sugar-free. It’s official, the pancakes at ETHOS are an absolute winner and I’ll definitely be heading back for a stack myself. You’d definitely never know that they were gluten-free. ‘Fluffy’ would be an understatement.


Overall, I would highly, highly rate ETHOS. It’s extremely good value compared to other Central London breakfast spots (both of our meals were only £6 each on the menu). The restaurant itself is extremely bright and spacious, which is just what you want first thing in the morning. And finally, as mentioned above, the food is to die for. Need I say more? ETHOS all the way.


One thought on “ETHOS- Deliciously Different

  1. groggits says:

    I’ve heard of Ethos before, but felt rather too intimidated to visit. I can’t eat dairy, without taking supplements, so being able to visit a restaurant that I can happily munch away at dairy-free/vegan food sounds blissful. After reading your review I might have to give it a go!


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