Jack’s Wife Freda

And so the brunch posts begin.

My sister and I had arrived into New York late at night on Friday and so, because jet lag caused us both to wake up super early on Saturday morning, we decided to head for breakfast at the notorious Jack’s Wife Freda first thing. I had initially heard about the restaurant on Instagram and made a note to visit when I made it to New York. They currently have two restaurants – one in Soho and one in West Village, we decided to go to the latter.


Having arrived at 8.30am, we managed to get a seat straight away. However, this is apparently quite a rarity at the popular joint later throughout the day.


In terms of food, I started off with a fresh cantaloupe juice and followed this with a delicious bowl of green shakshuka with two baked eggs. In order to make it gluten-free I passed on the challah toast. The shakshuka was so tasty and a really great way to start the day, as well as bashing away jet lag (for a short time at least). I also tried some of my sister’s food: a plate of poached eggs, chopped salad, labne, avocado and pita bread. AKA, the Mediterranean dream.


We also enjoyed a bottomless drip each (cowfeee), which was made even more fabulous by the slogans on the packets of sugar. I love you a latte.


The service at Jack’s Wife Freda was wonderful and the bistro had a very homely vibe. I could definitely do with another visit next time I’m in New York – the house cured duck bacon on the menu is still playing on my mind…




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