Two Hands, Soho

Having seen so many photos of delicious Two Hands meals on Instagram, I was determined to pay a visit whilst I was in New York. My sister and I went to the Soho branch for a spot of brunch and, because it was Sunday midday, there was a pretty mega queue. Despite this, we still decided to wait around and grab a table. It was definitely worth it. In fact, I think Two Hands was one of my favourite cafes/brunch spots that I visited during my week in New York.


Firstly, the food was unbelievable. I ordered Zoe’s Market Plate, which was made up of scrambled egg, avocado, spinach, roast tomato & butternut squash, pickled beets, pumpkin seeds and quinoa. Such a scrummy bowl of goodness! I also ordered a Sunday Morning (suitable name) juice – watermelon and mint. So refreshing.




The restaurant’s design was really cool. Although it was a pretty small space, they managed to fit A LOT in. The ceiling was decorated with fluffy clouds and pretty drop bulbs. There were also ‘motivational’ posters hung up on the white brick walls which additionally brightened the place up.


The food, service and general atmosphere definitely made up for the 45 minute queue. It’s no wonder Two Hands is at the top of the New York brunching scene.



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