Feeling Upbeat!

Okay, so we all know that protein is really good for us and our bodies. But, the big question is, are you bored of hummus, omelettes and chicken breast? If so, Upbeat is here to perk up your day, providing you with a fantastic alternative to your normal pre- or post-gym protein hit. Not planning on hitting the gym? No problem, Upbeat is also a great snack to fuel you throughout the day.


So what exactly is it? Upbeat is a terrific bottle of protein packed yoghurt – 20g of whey protein to be precise! It comes in four delicious flavours – strawberry, blueberry & raspberry, mango & passion fruit and chocolate & orange. So far I’ve tried blueberry & raspberry and it’s so so tasty. Tastes just like ordinary yoghurt!


As well as having 20g of whey protein, Upbeat uses only naturally occurring sugar from milk and fruit, has no more than 150 calories per bottle and is low in fat. How good is that!?


If you’re wanting something that’s both sweet and high in protein, Upbeat is a really great option. The flavour itself is fantastic and that’s definitely owing to the fact that real fruit is used in the recipe. Would love to hear if you’ve tried Upbeat yourself!


Top tip – if you’re new to the benefits of protein, and how to incorporate more of it into your diet, definitely check out Upbeat’s website – it has a fantastic Q&A section which will answer any of your niggling questions.





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