Bloom & Wild

Who doesn’t love a beautiful bouquet of flowers? And, moreover, who doesn’t love a big beautiful bouquet of flowers delivered through the letterbox? Well, Bloom & Wild is a fabulous company that does just that.


The other week I was sent a gorgeous bouquet of flowers called The Lizzie. This pale pink bouquet of roses and alstroemerias is inspired by ‘Rose Quartz’, Pantone’s Colour of the Year for 2016, and is absolutely stunning.


The bouquet arrived in its bespoke cardboard presentation box (which is also designed to fit through most UK letterboxes) and all of the individual flower heads were covered with a protective netting to guarantee that they arrived in perfect condition – and they certainly did.


I arranged the flowers in a jug (unfortunately I didn’t have a big enough vase to hand) with the help of the Bloom & Wild step-by-step guide, which was extremely helpful. There was a selection of Bella and Labelle roses, cream lisianthus, pale pink alstromerias and eucalyptus to arrange (as best as I could!).


Most of the company’s bouquets have a vase life of at least 7 days but, by week two, my flowers still looked absolutely stunning and as fresh as they did when they arrived. So much longer than previous bouquets that I’ve bought from supermarkets!


All in all, if you’re wanting to send a friend/loved one/family member a beautiful bouquet of flowers that arrive on time, fit through the letterbox and last for a long period of time, Bloom & Wild is a fantastic option! They serve up some serious flower power.




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