Bronte’s Cafe, Cobham

Earlier today I went and visited the wonderful Bronte’s Cafe in Cobham, Surrey – and it’s safe to say I’ll promptly be making a return.




I went along with my mother for a spot of lunch and was extremely impressed by both the food and the design of the café. It definitely reminded me of the Aussie cafes that I visited when I travelled down the East Coast. It was bright, open planned (with the windows and doors wide open onto the street) and had some fantastic palm tree-patterned sofas. There was lovely music playing (not too loud – I’m definitely old before my time) and the service was wonderful with very attentive staff.


We started off by choosing our drinks from the vast selection in the drinks cabinet – think coconut water, cold pressed juices and dairy-free milks. I chose a Deep Green Juiceman (cucumber, celery, kale, spinach, but to name a few of the cold pressed veggies), and both my mother and I had a Juiceman ‘shot’; sadly no, not the alcoholic kind.




Alongside the drinks, we both ordered a big mixed salad bowl each. The salads available change change daily and are freshly made, using in-season, healthy, locally produced ingredients, such as strawberry, toasted pecan, goats cheese and spinach; and spring veg with sesame & chilli. Both were absolutely delicious and I’d definitely have it again! However, the beauty of this place is that each time you visit the salad options will potentially differ.


To round off the meal, I had a matcha latte (my new favourite drink) and we both shared a slice of delicious gluten-free carrot cake. Unlike lots of gluten-free carrot cakes, this one tasted really citrusy and was very light. Ten out of ten on the cake front.




Overall, I’d definitely recommend paying a visit to Bronte’s Café. It’s very reasonably priced, has a fantastic atmosphere and offers really delicious, healthy foods with a vast number of gluten-free options. No doubt I’ll first be paying a return visit to try out their breakfast menu – smashed avocado; granola and yoghurt bowls; and organic nut butters on toast. Sign me up!DSCF9507





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