Dalloway Terrace

Last weekend was amazing – the sun finally decided to return after a long winter, and boy was it hot! It therefore seemed like the perfect opportunity to top up the tan and brunch outdoors; hello Dalloway Terrace! This Al Fresco restaurant is the perfect place to head to on a sunny day due to its extensive outdoor seating area.


Based just off Oxford Street near Tottenham Court Road, Dalloway Terrace has a wide selection of menus for different times of the day: breakfast, brunch, all day dining and afternoon tea. Of course, we went for the brunch menu!



As well as a mimosa (Ridgeview Bloomsbury sparkling wine andΒ pressed orange juice), I went for my all time favourite, avocado on gluten-free toast with grilled plum tomatoes and a poached egg, and it tasted fantastic. There was both sliced avocado and pureed avocado, and the poached egg was cooked perfectly (I’ve unfortunately yet to perfect this myself!).



The restaurant itself is absolutely beautiful – the photos definitely don’t do it justice. There’s a lot of greenery, lovely marble-topped tables and the seats are adorned with grey, woollen blankets (for those cooler days). There’s a really mellow, relaxed atmosphere at Dalloway Terrace – which is a real feat considering it’s proximity to noisy Oxford Street.



For a lazy brunch in the sun, Dalloway Terrace is a great choice and I’m sure I’ll be paying it another visit soon!





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