Top Dog Diner, Soho

Last night I found myself at the coolest – or should I say ‘hottest’ – hot dog joint in town. Positioned on wonderful Frith Street in Soho, Top Dog Diner is without a doubt THE place to grab yourself an authentic Americano hot dog or burger.


The restaurant/diner consists of three floors: an upstairs bar serving modern classic cocktails, a lower-ground floor event space called ‘The Den’ and a main ground floor restaurant, where I met up with my friend from Uni.


If you’ve read some of my previous blogs, you may know that I can’t eat wheat so follow a gluten-free diet, so how on earth am I eating hot dogs and fries?! Well, Top Dog is clearly totally clued up on the prevalence of allergies and intolerances, and offers fantastic gluten-free options meaning you can opt for both a hot dog or a burger.


As a result I decided to go for a gluten-free Dog ‘n’ Bun with onions and an extra helping of avocado (obviously) and a moreish side of gluten-free sweet potato fries. Considering the bun was gluten free, I was extremely impressed – it certainly wasn’t crumbly like some GF breads are.



My friend then ordered The American which includes house sauce, onions, lettuce and relish (but minus the pickles!), as well as a side of (non-GF) skin-on crunchy fries. We definitely both gave our meals a double thumbs up.



The menu in fact is really extensive and there’s a lot to choose from – even if you’re vegan (see their organic smoked tofu dog)! You’ll find nachos, corn dog pups, onion rings, mac & cheese and buttermilk chicken on the menu, plus plenty of others! Seriously, hit up their website and check out their menu…


The service was wonderful and our meals came extremely quickly. There’s plenty of seating including some top notch window seats for some interesting people watching. Also, the food is really good value and doesn’t break the bank – something that I know lots of people are aware of when dining out.


So, all in all, if you fancy a taste of the US with some seriously delicious, indulgent dishes, then Top Dog Diner is very much the place for you.



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