Last week, I paid a visit to SMAKA, a Scandinavian restaurant taking over London’s East End. SMAKA (which means ‘taste’ in Swedish), serves delicious, healthy food made with fresh, in season and, where possible, locally grown ingredients.



The restaurant/café is open every day for both breakfast and lunch, and they cater extremely well to those with intolerances and allergies – including, gluten, dairy and nuts.



Having heard about their fantastic salad bar from a friend, I decided to visit at lunchtime to have a try. There were so many options to choose from but I finally decided to go for a big plate of broccoli, mixed beans and coleslaw, topped with a fillet of grilled salmon (which was cooked to perfection!) It was so delicious and you could definitely taste the ‘Scandinavian twist’ to some typically British salad options. I also opted for a refreshing coconut water.



In terms of décor, SMAKA has done very well. It’s very spacious and is definitely reminiscent of Sweden/Scandinavia with images of trees and forestry on the walls and its minimalistic design.


This place really is a wonderful option if you’re looking for something a little different to the normal eateries on the high-street, but still caters brilliantly to those looking for a healthy, light and nourishing meal.



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