dim t

Last week, my friend and I paid a visit to dim t in London Bridge on a very sunny, warm Tuesday evening. Note – I’m currently writing this with a thunderstorm approaching. I haven’t seen this much rain in a very long time. Safe to say, I’d rather be back at dim t, alfresco dining in the sun.


If you don’t recognise the name, dim t is an Asian restaurant chain serving a huge variety of popular oriental dishes. Think Thai green curry, crispy duck with pancakes, dim sum… you get the idea.


My friend and I started the evening off with a bowl of Chinese prawn crackers and a few cocktails. That’s what summer evenings are made for after all! I went for a lychee mojito and a passion fruit fizz, both of which were delicious and very refreshing.




I then followed this with a lovely big bowl of Asian kale salad – a crunchy salad with kale, chicken, edamame, avocado, cherry tomatoes, red onion, carrot, mouli, spring onion, coriander, sugar snaps and chia seeds with a dim t house dressing and crushed peanuts. It was really fantastic and was much more filling than I expected. Never underestimate a kale salad. (Although, I had initially planned on ordering the steamed sea bass, but sadly this had run out – clearly a popular dish!)


My friend on the other hand ordered a selection of smaller dishes – some five spiced squid, roasted pork buns, and spicy chicken steamed dim sum. Safe to say they all looked delicious and went down a treat!


Despite the vast amount of food that we had already consumed, our sweet tooths got the better of us and we opted for an indulgent toffee peanut sundae. Our eyes were definitely bigger than our stomachs by this point but it was very much worth it.


However, aside from the food itself, one of the amazing things about this particular dim t branch are the incredible views of the Tower of London that the restaurant offers. The views are seriously impressive, particularly on sunny evening if you’re sat outside at the front of the restaurant.


All in all, we had a wonderful time at dim t. It was great to have such a wide selection of dishes and Asian cuisines to choose from, the food was served very quickly, and our waitress that evening was extremely attentive and offered some great advice with regards to the menu. But seriously, it’s worth paying a visit to dim t for the views alone. Trust me.



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