Cocotte, Westbourne Grove

Looking for some French indulgence but aware that summer’s around the corner and bikinis/swimsuits will be making appearances soon? Then, I’ve got the perfect suggestion for you…


Cocotte is a healthy chicken rotisserie based in Notting Hill’s Westbourne Grove and serves succulent roast chicken, healthy salads and delicious side dishes.


I went along earlier this week with a friend from school and genuinely had the most wonderful time. We started off with a cocktail each – I had a Cocotte Spritz and my friend chose a classic Mimosa. These alone got double thumbs up!


We were then given a selection of dishes from the menu:

  • a full chicken
  • Nini’s salad (broccoli, broad beans, green beans, basil, olive oil, mushrooms and lemon dressing)
  • Fernande salad (barley, pomegranate, feta cheese, baby salad, spring onions)
  • Truffle mac & cheese
  • A variety of dressings – garlic mayo, BBQ, Cocotte mustard, chicken gravy, spicy, green sauce, truffle mayo

And I genuinely struggled to fault any of it. It was extremely tasty – the chicken in particular was so succulent and flavoursome, and the salads complemented it very well. I didn’t have any of the mac & cheese but my friend advised me that it was equally top notch!


We rounded our time at Cocotte off with a glass of white wine (a wonderful choice by the manager) and an indulgent plate of gluten-free chocolate brownie. Once again, no faults found here. The toasted flaked almond was a great addition to the brownie.


The restaurant itself is wonderful. It’s furnished with wooden tables, chairs and panelled walls, and the seats are adorned with cushions. There’s a fantastic, buzzing atmosphere that has definitely left me wanting return. However, if you’re not wanting to dine in, it’s well worth noting that all of the dishes are available for take away or delivery and are perfect for lunch at the office or a wholesome family dinner to share at home.


But seriously don’t delay; Cocotte is a must.


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