A Wanted Man

Last weekend, my sister and I paid a visit to A Wanted Man on the King’s Road; Chelsea’s first espresso canteen paired alongside a brow bar (browhaus) and waxing salon (Ministry of Waxing), with a wild west theme.


As soon as I we walked into the cafe, the vibe was noticeably different from other cafes on the King’s Road: it was very cosy, homely and relaxed. I’m not saying that the other King’s Road cafes have got it wrong, but it’s certainly a pleasant alternative. In fact, A Wanted Man felt more like a cafe designed for Shoreditch or Hoxton.


The cafe boasts a terrific all-day healthy breakfast menu with flavour combinations that I had never heard of, or at least seen on a London menu: crispy waffled croissant sandwich with Iberico chorizo spread; brown rice seaweed rolls with mango and avocado; and slow-release porridge with spices, pear and dates. Sounds good huh?


Well, in my classic Simply Char style, I decided to go for ‘The Avocado with No Name’: half an avocado filled with a soft-boiled egg, bonito flakes and salt. And it was delicious. The bonito flakes were a particularly great addition to the dish, adding a whole other salty element. My sister on the other hand ordered the Sweet ‘N’ Salty Sourdough Waffles, which were served with a salted peanut cream, blueberry jam and roasted pecans. Judging the speed in which her plate was cleared, the waffles were clearly a winner. My sister noted how the waffles were so much lighter and fluffier than normal waffles – and this is as a result of them being sourdough.


As well as our main dishes, we also tried out a variety of hot and cold beverages from the drinks menu. My sister chose a pear, apple and sweet potato cold-pressed juice, and I had both a latte with almond milk (which was really delicious and not sour at all, unlike some drinks with almond milk) and a red bush coffee. It admittedly sounds a little unusual, but I gave it double thumbs up.


The artisan coffees at A Wanted Man are flown in from Common Man Coffee Roasters, the Singapore-based speciality coffee roasters, which means that the coffees at the cafe are totally unique to anywhere else in London. And this was highlighted in the quality of the hot drinks.

Overall, A Wanted Man is wonderful. As I briefly mentioned at the beginning, the cafe itself is set up alongside browhaus and Ministry of Waxing, which means that you can tie the two together: have a pamper session upstairs and then relax downstairs with a cup of tea and plate of delicious waffles afterwards. Ladies – it also means the men in your life have somewhere to wait whilst you beautify yourself – they can sit back and relax with a newspaper and coffee. Bingo.


If you’re in the area, I’d definitely recommend dropping in and paying A Wanted Man a visit. If anything, the avocado and bonito flakes is seriously worth giving a go!




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