Smokey Tails

Happy 4th July y’all. Even though I’m not American, I grew up in the States when I was much younger, so I still rather like celebrating Independence Day! Hence why, over the weekend, I paid a visit to the mighty Smokey Tails for a pre-4th July brunch.


Based in the heart of East London in Hoxton Square Bar & Kitchen, Smokey Tails is the ‘it’ smokehouse which gives you the chance to dine, drink and dance. They’re renowned for their home styled BBQ flavours, which they dub ‘Midwest modern’, and having paid a visit, I totally get it. Their food is seriously delicious.



My friend and I tried out their brunch menu on Saturday and were amazed by the variety of finger-licking dishes on the menu. We started off with a drink each – I had admittedly been out the night before so stepped up and ordered a Smoked Bloody Mary (hair of the dog and all that), which tasted fantastic and had a real kick. Well needed.



We then ordered a couple of different dishes to share: baby back spicy BBQ pork ribs, Grandma T’s fried chicken, house fries, a tabbouleh salad and a selection of Seth’s special sauces (3rd Gen BBQ/Buffalo mayo/Buffalo hot sauce). The ribs and the fries were definitely my favourite – although, it was all so delicious. Smokey Tails don’t mess around with their rich Midwestern flavours.


The restaurant itself is fantastic – there is plenty of seating both inside and out, and they offer breakfast, lunch and dinner. Or, if you’re just wanting a post-work drink and a dance to some well-chosen records, this is also the place. My friend and I were lucky enough to visit whilst the sun was out so made the most of it by sitting outside on the wooden decked sun terrace, which overlooks the Square.


Similarly, the service was amazing – our waiter was particularly knowledgeable about the menu and gave us some fantastic suggestions, all of which went down a treat.


I will without a doubt be returning to Smokey Tails: there’s still so much I feel I need to try out on their menu, if not only to have another Smoky Bloody Mary! Hope you all have a wonderful 4th July.



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