Roots Juicery

So we’ve all heard about ‘cold-pressed juices’ haven’t we? But how many of us really know what a cold-pressed juice is? How does it differ to your normal apple or orange juice from the supermarket? Well, last week I popped in to have a chat with the owner and creator of Roots Juicery in London’s Fitzrovia – and it was fascinating.


Cold-pressed is where the juice of the fruit and/or vegetable is extracted, without producing any friction or heat, by placing pressure on the produce. This means that the juice never gets to above 3 degrees, maximising the vitamin, enzyme, mineral and nutrient content. Moreover, at Roots Juicery, they only use organic and, where possible, in-season produce, which means that the juice is as nutritious as possible. Whilst I was there, I tried their watermelon juice and it was absolutely delicious – really refreshing and not too sweet.



However, as well as juices, Roots Juicery also sells nut milks and superfood smoothies, all of which are made on site. They also sell a wide variety of breakfast items, including chia pudding, porridge and yoghurt) and tasty, wholesome snacks.

However, their main attraction for me is their salad bar. As I paid a visit at lunchtime, I went for a big bowl of lots of their salads, which included a courgetti and carrot noodle salad, lentil salad, mixed vegetable salad, hummus and salmon. It really was wonderful. There’s plenty to choose from at the salad bar – with other options including a quinoa salad, mixed rice, hard-boiled egg, avocado, and a variety of dressings. Like the juices, all of the produce in the salads are totally organic, in season and as locally sourced as possible.


At Roots Juicery, there’s a real emphasis on ‘moderation’. The owner explained to me that they are not a totally 100% gluten-free, dairy-free or vegan juicery. And this is because, unless you have an intolerance or allergy, she feels that it is no bad thing having gluten, dairy or meat in your diet. Everything in moderation is the best way forward. This ethos also applied to the juices that they sell. She discussed how her juices are best enjoyed once or twice a day, rather than continuously as a cleanse over a number of days.


It really was fascinating finding out about the benefits of eating organically and enjoying in-season, locally sourced foods. Moreover, it was a wonderful opportunity to try a some of what Roots Juicery has to offer – and I definitely wasn’t disappointed. So if you’re in the area and either wanting a lazy lunch or a grab-and-go meal to take back to your desk, Roots Juicery is a fantastic option.



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