Prawn on the Lawn, Padstow

Last weekend, my sister and I paid a visit to Prawn on the Lawn in Padstow for a dreamy, seafood lunch.


I’m very lucky and get to visit Cornwall fairly regularly and always enjoy delicious, fresh seafood when I’m down there. I’ve even gone as far as to hop on a mackerel boat to reel in dinner myself! However, I was particularly impressed by the sheer variety of dishes at Prawn on the Lawn and the high quality of their ingredients. The restaurant prides itself on using locally sourced ingredients, such as oysters and mussels from Porthilly (just across the estuary), and this always gets a big thumbs up in my books!


My sister and I, on recommendation from the very friendly waiter, opted for a series of their tapas-style dishes. We started off with a plate of seared tuna with chilli, spring onion, soy and mirin – and it was absolutely delicious. It was so light and beautifully seasoned. I also ended up having a fresh oyster alongside it which I really enjoyed. Everything always tastes so much better when you know it’s been farmed nearby.


Next up is their namesake dish, Prawn on the Lawn, aka avocado on sourdough with big, fresh prawns. Admittedly I shouldn’t have eaten this owing to my wheat intolerance but it looked so good that on this occasion I let it slide (and paid for the mistake later!). But it was definitely worth it. The avocado smash was delicious with a refreshing lime kick, and the prawns themselves were fantastic.


We then continued our seafood indulgence with the scallops. There are three on a plate and they are dressed with a Thai marinade and Thai basil – it was definitely mine and my sister’s favourite dish. The Thai flavours go so well with the light scallops; I could have eaten plates and plates of this dish. We also ordered this alongside some crispy potatoes which was a great accompaniment to all the seafood on our table.


Finally, to complete our tapas spread, we went for the raywing with olives, chilli and agridulce. I’d never had raywing before but was very surprised as to how light it was. It was extremely easy to debone and it tasted wonderful with the salty olives. A fantastic final dish.


It’s worth me mentioning that, although my sister and I were too full by this point to enjoy any, the restaurant also offers a fantastic desert menu. There was also an extremely comprehensive drinks menu which included lots of local brews and wines such as the Camel Valley sparkling wine.


The service at Prawn on the Lawn was fantastic. We were given some really excellent recommendations from the menu by our waiter, the food came very quickly and the overall atmosphere of the restaurant is very warm and welcoming. A big shout out and thanks to the staff for having us.


For anyone that’s wanting to try Prawn on the Lawn but is unable to get down to Cornwall anytime soon, then you’re in luck. There are two restaurants under the same name – the second in Padstow and, ironically, the first in Islington. Friday Fish Day is nearing so I’d strongly suggest you start booking your table reservations!




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