Earlier this week, I received such a delightful box of treats, from my newly-appointed favourite chocolatier! Mydorable is a charming London-based chocolate shop selling exquisite French confectionery. And when I say exquisite, I mean it!

The first thing I was impressed by was the beautiful packaging. Inside my Mydorable box was an elegantly wrapped red chocolate box, laced up with a big bow; a large nautical tin of pebble chocolates; and a series of smaller chocolate containers.

As well as the packaging, the chocolates and sweets themselves have been beautifully created. From the speckled ‘sparrow eggs’ to the green and black olives (roasted whole almonds covered in 70% dark chocolate), all of them have clearly had a lot of thought put into them.

One of my favourites however, was the box of 12 assorted chocolates – a mixture of praline milk and dark. I enjoyed these along with my family down in Cornwall and it’s safe to say, I’ve never seen chocolates disappear so quickly! 

If you have a friends’ birthday coming up, if you’re heading to a dinner party, or simply want to treat yourself, make sure to give Mydorable a visit. With such a wonderful selection of beautifully designed chocolates, you will definitely find something that ticks the (chocolate) box!


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