Fit Kitchen

I thought I’d quickly tell you all about a new grab-and-go lunch that’s recently hit supermarket shelves: Fit Kitchen. I tried out a few of their boxes and have been really impresssed. 

Unlike lots of ready made lunches that you can quickly pick up from the supermarket, Fit Kitchen provide low calorie / high protein dishes, which is a real plus – especially with summer just around the corner! In fact, all of the boxes have under 300 calories each. 

I tried both the Middle Eastern Chicken, and the Pad Thai Chicken, and was particularly impressed with the latter. Of course it’s very different to the pad Thai you’d pick up in your local takeaway(!), but it’s a great substitute and the flavour is still very much there.

The meals are heated up in the microwave, as the majority of the dish is leafy veg such as cabbage. There’s also a tasty sauce to pour over the top to give the dish a kick.

I picked my boxes up in Sainsbury’s, but they’re also available in Waitrose. Definitely give them a go sometime – I’d love to hear what you think!


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