FIXED, Northcote Road

I don’t know about you, but in my opinion, Thursdays are made for delicious dinners with friends. So the other week, myself and two friends popped along to FIXED restaurant on Clapham’s Northcote Road. 

As the name suggests, FIXED is a restaurant where all of the prices in the menu are ‘fixed’ or, as the French say, prix fixe. The menu itself is also extremely condensed with, compared to other high street restaurants, a much smaller menu. This allows the restaurant to avoid unnecessary waste and to source the very best in terms of produce – and this is so important in my eyes!

However, even though the menu is much smaller than other restaurants, you’re still very much spoilt for choice. I opted for the flat iron steak with garlic and tarragon butter and puy lentils – SO delicious and beautifully cooked. One of my friends then chose the North African slow cooked lamb, rose harissa, flatbread and pickled turnip. Between us all, we also devoured a pot of triple cooked chips and green beans with shallots and mustard.

Soon enough our plates were completely empty – we pretty much ate every last bit! All of the dishes were delicious and really nicely seasoned. The chips are an absolute must, FYI. 

In terms of drinks, we each had an elderflower cocktail, which we spotted on their blackboard (which is updated weekly). They were pretty strong but that’s certainly how we like our drinks! Nothing beats a refreshing elderflower bevvy… 

Finally, to round off our meal, we shared a vertical whipped mango cheesecake – which was the dream. So light and airy!

The restaurant itself is great and clearly seemed very popular! It’s spacious, has a great atmosphere and all of the staff are so attentive and knowledgable on the menu. Thanks so much for having us – we’ll definitely be back again.


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