The Bach, Hoxton

For classic brunch grub, The Bach in Hoxton is an excellent choice. I visited the East London cafe last weekend for some Sunday indulgence and was really impressed with their extensive brunch menu. 

I originally came across The Bach when I was searching for cafes and restaurants to visit that cater well to those with intolerances, and The Bach does just that. Their menu is driven by their own personal experience of food intolerances and have a huge variety of dishes that are suitable to those with gluten, dairy and wheat tolerances, as well as Paleo, vegan and vegetarian diets.

When I visited I opted for a green tea, along with a delicious plate of poached eggs, chorizo, avocado, cherry cone tomatoes and gluten free bread (known as ‘Freddie’s Special). My friends then opted for a plate of the freshly baked banana bread, and an epic Veggie Bach Pach.

The photos really don’t do the food justice – it’s uberly deluxklus! Also, I loved the cafe itself. It’s got a really great vibe, the service was really speedy and the cafe itself is bright and airy. Definitely pop this on your London brunch list!


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